DFA Energy partners with Third Sun Solar

DFA Energy is pleased to announce a partnership with Third Sun Solar to provide DFA members in the Mideast Area with access to project planning, development, support and discounted pricing for on-farm solar power systems through its Preferred Vendor Network program. 

Since the start of the year, Third Sun Solar has worked with several DFA members in the Mideast Area to consult with them about solar power production for their respective dairy operations. Since its formation in 2000, Third Sun Solar has developed more than 700 solar projects totaling 11,000 kilowatts of renewable energy production for clients, including dozens of dairy and farm producers throughout the Midwest. 

Through DFA Energy’s Preferred Vendor Network, members will have access to renewable energy companies, such as Third Sun Solar, that have been vetted by the Cooperative to ensure their values and goals align with our members’ needs. In addition to cost savings and planning, Third Sun Solar will assist in identifying incentives that can further supplement the cost of solar technology for DFA members.  

For more information about DFA’s partnership with Third Sun Solar, contact Tom Shephard at 315-433-1238, extension 5507, or email tshephard@dfamilk.com, or George Harper at 816-801-6146 or email geharper@dfamilk.com.